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GE is the world digital industrial group, which transforms the industry thanks to machines controlled by software and connected, adapted and predictive solutions. GE gets organized around a world exchange of knowledge, “GE Store” (offer of products GE), within which every activity shares and has access to the same technologies, the markets, the structures and the secret relations. Every invention feeds the innovations and the applications in all our branches of industry. Hardly of his(her) collaborators, its services, its technology and its size, GE produces of better results for his(her) customers by speaking the language of the industry . As a Sales engineer in, you are responsible for selling and generating demand for GE Industrial Solutions products in the province of West-Vlaanderen (and part of Oost-Vlaanderen). An important challenge is providing technical advice and support to customers in developing and implementing their projects. Your customers are electricians…

West Flanders,  Flandre occidentale, Flandre orientale